Marry Me, Cowboy - Lilian Darcy

Marry Me, Cowboy

By Lilian Darcy

  • Release Date: 2013-09-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Score: 5
From 23 Ratings

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Champion barrel-racer Tegan Ash has nothing left to go home to in her native Australia and every reason to stay in the USA. But her visa is about to expire, and her prospective groom has called off their green-card wedding.

Jamie MacCreadie doesn’t actually want to marry a woman he can't stand, but his best friend and fellow rodeo rider Chet has just let her down and, somehow, he finds himself offering to do the deed instead.

There’s no chance it could turn into the real thing, because they have nothing in common… do they?


  • Marry Me, Cowboy is delightful

    By eieioomcd
    Lilian Darcy’s MARRY ME, COWBOY (Copper Mountain Rodeo book 2) is a wonderful and enjoyable story set in the fictional town of Marietta, Montana. Tegan is spunky and Jamie is a man of few words, but has a large heart. The chemistry between the two is palpable. This series makes a girl want to run to Marietta and find her own cowboy!! I look forward to the rest of the books in this series.
  • Loved it!

    By Chrisreads
    Review provided courtesy of Romance Junkies MARRY ME, COWBOY draws readers into the fictional town of Marietta, Montana, where the sights and sounds of the Copper Mountain Rodeo come to life. Author Lilian Darcy excels at spinning a story that will capture your heart and imagination, and will leave a lasting impression that you will not soon forget. Tegan Ash is a native Australian who is in the United States on a visa that is about to expire. Not wanting to leave the country, she makes arrangements with her friend Chet to get married so that she does not have to give up riding in the rodeo circuit. When Chet backs out and leaves Tegan at the alter, she must reconsider her plans and she may have to go back home. Jamie MacCreadie is a man of few words. He and Tegan do not exactly see eye to eye, but he offers to marry her anyway to help her with her dilemma. Jamie is not prepared for the overwhelming attraction that he has for Tegan because the two just cannot seem to get along. Can two people who are so at odds with one another possibly find love together? Tegan is shocked when she realizes that she harbors feelings for Jamie. The sexual chemistry between the two is explosive. Tegan has unresolved issues with her family and Jamie encourages her to go back home to work her problems out. I loved that Teagan is such a strong and resilient character. It was a pleasure to read about a woman who can hold her own in the rodeo ring. Jamie may not have a lot to say, but he is an awesome friend. He is there for Chet when he drinks too much and when he discloses a life-altering secret. I fell for Jamie’s vulnerable side and the way that he interacts with his family. He and Tegan might not always agree, but the banter between the two kept me amused. Lilian Darcy really brings the town of Marietta, Montana, to life with vivid descriptions that will have readers kicking up dirt, smelling the food from the concession stands and enjoying the beautiful scenery.MARRY ME, COWBOY is a fresh and fun novella that makes for a quick and satisfying read. I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy today!
  • Natural misperceptions

    By Renae_D
    Jamie and Tegan had the natural relationship of a heavy dose of attitude towards each other that left a lot of misperceptions of their true character. Even Tegan's fiancé that gilts her at the alter has some perception that is different than he lets people believe. Once, Tegan and Jamie are thrown together life natural happens. Very nice read, picked it up and was finished before I realized it.
  • Grabbed me

    By DonnaJo10
    Marry Me, Cowboy by Liliana Darcy a great novella second in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series. Grabbed me from the first until the last page hated it to be over. Loved the connection between the characters especially Tegan and Jamie. Great dialogue. A must read for anyone who loves a great romance between a hot cowboy and a sexy rodeo girl. Looking forward to reading more in this series and more by this author.
  • how to marry a cowboy

    By momof3boysj
    Tegan and Jamie think they've hated each other for 2 years. Tegan needs to get married for a green card or go back to Australia where she thinks there's nothing waiting for her. Unfortunately, Tegan's shot with Chet is over when he stops the wedding at the altar. Later, Jamie offers, but she can't marry someone she doesn't like. She doesn't like him, right? They're so similar, running from family, wanting a future with a farm/ranch, being in the rodeo is just temporary... Secrets abound in this story, and as they slowly unravel for Tegan and Jamie, the sparks fly, emotions change, and the reality is, they love each other. And maybe, deep down, Tegan really wants to marry for love and wear a wedding dress, not just have a green card cowgirl wedding. Who knew the trick to finding love, family, and a future would be at the rodeo in Montana?
  • Something is in the Air

    By Celticpax
    Tegan and Jamie are so cute! The attraction is there from the beginning but it's almost like high school, the air is thick with the tension but no one calls it out, especially as Tegan is engaged to one of Jamie's closest friends. When that falls through though no one can predict what happens. Jamie has a hard time dealing with people, talking with women in particular and Tegan, well she shoots straight and doesn't always seem to have a filter with what she says. When you get the two of them together with some pretty big issues the world shifts a bit. Definitely worth picking up as a quick, easy, blown away read.
  • Great 2nd Book in Series!!

    By cinful11
    Another great novella! Marry Me Cowboy by Lilian Darcy is book 2 in the Copper Mountain Rodeo Series. This novella begins with our heroine Tegan-who is from Australia in the USA on a visa competing in rodeos as a barrel racer needing to marry to stay in the USA. Tegan had asked good friend rodeo rider Chet to marry her which he agreed to. Chet's good buddy Jamie on the rodeo circuit was opposed to this marriage! You see Tegan and Jamie hated each other and Chet was keeping a big secret. When Chet backs out of this wedding for reasons of his own is when the story really gets interesting. You need to get the book to find out what happens between Tegan and Jamie, also to find out Chet's secrets, you will not be disappointed! Marry Me, Cowboy is a very good 2nd book in this series by very talented authors. Received this book as a ARC in exchange for a honest review
  • Love and the Rodeo

    By bookloveriam
    Jamie MacCreadie may be a rodeo champion but he doesn't win points with Tegan Ash. These two are constantly battling. Tegan is a barrel-racer from Australia. When her marriage of convenience to Chet Wyndham, Jamie's best friend, falls through. Tegan realizes Jamie been protecting his friend. When Chet goes home to face his problems, Jamie and Tegan get to know each other. Their relationship goes beyond friendship. They know that trust and love are vital if they are to have a future. Can they do that? Lilian Darcy has written a poignant story that is part of the Copper Mountain Rodeo series. The characters are people that you like and care about. You want them to find love and happiness. A short and very sweet tale that leaves you wanting more. Don't miss reading Marry Me, Cowboy.
  • I Do!

    By Marlene E
    Tegan and Chet, both riders in the rodeo, are about to get married. Where most marry for love, these two are planning to marry for convenience. Tegan is an Australian native whose Visa is about to expire in the next few weeks. She knows that if she doesn’t marry an American citizen soon that she risks losing her Visa and being forced to go back to Australia. Although Australia is home to her, she has no home to go to. Her family sold the farm that she was hoping to take over. She told them that she was only going to be gone for a couple years. She even came home when she was able to, but that didn’t stop them. And now Tegan has no place to call home. Betrayed and determined to find a way to stay in the states, her and Chet arranged for this marriage to take place. However, when the wedding day came, Chet couldn’t go through with it. Scared and confused, Tegan is left to figure out what she’s going to do now. Jamie MacCreadie knows how to draw the attention of the crowd at the rodeo and the women on the streets. He’s a man of few words, but could get what he wants simply with his smile. Jamie and Chet have been best friends, but Tegan isn’t too keen on Jamie. From the very beginning their personalities clashed, but something has changed. Trying to make Chet feel better about his decision to call off the wedding, therefore not being able to help Tegan, Jamie offered to marry her. Tegan brushed off his offer, but couldn’t help noticing the physical attraction that she was starting to feel for him. She doesn’t understand why she’s having these feelings, especially since her and Jamie don’t even get along. But could he have been serious? And could Tegan really consider his offer? Marry Me, Cowboy is such an amazing book. From the very beginning I felt like I was on a rodeo ride of emotions. Each character had their own issues that they were dealing with, but through it all they were always there for each other. This is the second novella in The Cooper Mountain Rodeo Series and I have to say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. The cowboys are hot, the location is laid back and the stories are sexy. I’m anxious to read what the last two novellas in the series have in store for us. I would highly recommend these books. If you’re looking for some romance with twists and turns, then this is the series for you!
  • Loved it!

    By dashboardoll
    Tegan & Chet are rodeo circuit riders about to walk down the aisle together, not because they are in love, but because Tegan’s visa is about to expire and she’s not ready to go back to Australia yet. Unfortunately, Chet has a change of heart at the last minute & decides he can’t marry Tegan. Chet’s best friend Jamie & Tegan have never really gotten along, but after the wedding debacle they are thrown together when Chet reveals a big secret to them then leaves town. Once they realize their dislike for each other is misplaced and acknowledge the attraction they have always denied, sparks fly. LOVED this story! I really liked the first novella in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series; this one had the same vibe, but was totally different and unique in its plot and focus on the rodeo. I really enjoyed the rodeo setting and thought the characters and the romance between them were very well written and believable. Quick, fun read, definitely one I would recommend!