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  • Angsty, second chance

    By Hmitch76
    I took some time to think before starting this review. I have some very strong feelings and was thinking I needed to cool down before writing it. I will start by saying If it’s only love is a really well written friends to lovers story. I love the Jackson family! Shay Jackson is a wonderful character that I LOVE. She comes from a loving family, but she was always so hard on herself. My heart ached for her! I started reading this story one night and hated to put it down, but I had to go to sleep. I dreamt about this story because I kept thinking about it while trying to go to sleep. I was anxious to get back to it the following day. So, this was definitely a good story. My issue is the main guy character, Easton. I was expecting to love him, but I didn’t like him at all. I initially thought I hated him. But hate is a really strong word and he wasn’t really a bad guy per se. But I hated the way he treated Shay. He claims he loved her since he was 21, but he sure didn’t treat her the way you would treat someone you loved. If that’s his version of love, I want no part of it. He always treated her as an after thought. He put everyone else in front of her and her happiness. It really broke my heart. I know he wanted to be a good father and do what was best for his daughter, but I don’t think he did. It doesn’t make sense to me to marry someone you don’t love and try to make it work. Especially, when there is a person out there that you do love. Maybe people in he real world do this all the time. I don’t know. All I do know is that it doesn’t make sense to me and I didn’t like it. I think Shay deserved better. I love Lexi Ryan and everything she writes and I’m not giving this book a low rating because it is a well written book. But I did deduct points for my feelings. And I’m sure I’m on the minority with my issues. Everyone else will probably love Easton. But I couldn’t write an honest review and not include how it made me feel.
  • Best of the series

    By Lct1187
    Can’t believe it’s over. I need more Jacksons!!
  • Finally getting Shayleigh’s story – and Lexi does not disappoint!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Finally getting Shayleigh’s story – and Lexi does not disappoint! Shay has known she has been in love with her brother’s best friend Easton since she was a kid. Knowing that her feelings would never be reciprocated, she always kept her feelings inside. But as she gets older, Easton starts to be more blatant with how he feels about her, and that earns him a threat from Shay’s brother. After Easton gets drafted into the NFL, the pair continues to keep in touch and further their exploration of feelings in secret moments in time. But after a surprise pops up in Easton’s life, Shay severs their semblance of a relationship and tries to forget him and her feelings. After years of being away from home, Easton finally decides to not only move back home, but also go after who he’s always wanted – Shayleigh – but she’s not an easy sell, especially with their past. Throughout this book, we see Easton trying to make up for how he handled their past and show Shay that he wants the real deal with her, until Shay’s past comes back to haunt them. Wow this book was so much I didn’t realize I needed in Shay’s storyline. Being the only girl in addition to the end of the series and siblings, I really wasn’t sure where Lexi was taking this but I was NOT disappointed! The added level of twists and turns in this storyline made me want to jump in and shake this couple because it seemed that every time they got close to defining a relationship, something happened to ruin it in one way or another. My heart bled for Shay and the situation she gets into in this book, which might be the only thing I had a hard time with, but other than that I adored this book. After reading all the others in this series, this was a great ending to this family and I’ll miss them so! Another hit from Lexi, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.